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Laurie's Housekeeping is Cleaning Service Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend with a 5 Star Rating, reviews from trusted locals.

Are you looking for reliable, affordable, professional residential or commercial cleaning services in Port Angeles or Sequim?

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My name is Laurie Smith - the owner and operator of Laurie's Housekeeping.

Port Angeles and Sequim Cleaning Services

"To Clean or Not to Clean?"

Is that your question?  The answer is both YES and NO!

  • Yes, your home or business should be clean.
  • No, you should not do it yourself. 

A better question is:

"Why Should I Clean
When Laurie's Housekeeping
in Port Angeles and Sequim
Will Clean for Me?"

My Published Prices may Sometimes be a Little Bit Higher, but the Quality and Service You'll Receive will be a Whole Lot Better!

If you are looking for the lowest hourly rate, that might not be me.

  • What are you looking for?  The "cheapest" labor or the "bestest" outcome?
  • "Cheaper" is ALWAYS "cheaper" at least in the beginning, but it is RARELY better in the end.

So, I'm hoping you will consider more than just the hourly rate or price.

If you were car shopping, you'd pay more for a luxury sedan than you would for a cheap compact, and you would get more, too.

Why Choose Laurie's Housekeeping, then?

  • I am thorough.
  • I work fast.
  • I work by the job, NOT by the hour.  You'll know your costs UP FRONT!

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